Saturday, June 17, 2017

[Analysis] How many cats per capita are there?


If you've come to this page, you might be wondering: how many cats per capita are there?

Well, I recently looked this up via a quick Google Search and found only limited results.

It's surprising to see that no one has created an internet site for CatStats, but that's for another day.
So I decided to calculate it!

Data were taken from World-O-Meters (here) and Maps of World (here). So without further ado, here are the results in tabular format:

Country                                  Number of Cats Population Cats per 100 People
USA 76,430,000 326,474,013 23.4
China 53,100,000.00 1,388,232,693 3.8
Russia 12,700,000.00 143,375,006 8.9
Brazil 12,466,000.00 211,243,220 5.9
France 9,600,000.00 64,938,716 14.8
Italy 9,400,000.00 59,797,978 15.7
United Kingdom 7,700,000.00 65,511,098 11.8
Ukraine 7,350,000.00 44,405,055 16.6

I was surprised at the dominance of the United States in reported cat ownership, followed by Ukraine. Feel free to comment below with further questions!


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